What a great day to read!

Curling up with a good book is such a fun thing to do on a rainy day! What are some of your favorites and do you have titles that you will actually read again periodically?

7 thoughts on “What a great day to read!

    1. Hi Cyndi. Thanks for being a reader. Several years ago I read “Under the Dome” by Stephen King. Is that the same book you are reading? If not, you’ll have to tell me if you enjoyed it.


      1. Yes I was watching the tv show and someone said they had the 2 Novels and she was saying they were really good and she gave them to me. It is by Stephen King.


  1. Hi Lynell! I took the title from a line in the first book. Early in life, the character Dominic Gianelli had decided never to marry. Meeting Paige changed his mind about this, but left him conflicted because of everything his life involved.

    Quote: “By whose grace she had come to him he did not know. Had he really given her an out tonight by mere suggestion and shadowy innuendo? An opportunity to change her mind? He had said as much as he dared and she remained unfazed.

    They would be married. This was a closed chapter, never to be reopened.

    The fragrance of her perfume, the warmth of her body against his were so familiar now, so comforting. He was not a believer. He had no concept of heaven (only what it meant to others). But here, in this moment, with her, it was heaven…a separate heaven, apart from all else. Sophia was right. Paige was his gift.”

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  2. I’m currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird. You told me it was one of your favorites and you have read it over and over.


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