Rainy day on 5th Avenue

Since NYC is the venue for much of the series, I enjoy perusing photos of it in all seasons. I have the New York Weather Underground site downloaded. When I am using a specific day/date in the series I always check to see what the weather was on that particular day. So if I say that it was a cold and windy day in Manhattan on November 7, 1987, it was indeed a cold and windy day. I love details. Do you ever check details like names of towns etc when you are reading? Even with fiction, so often it will be loosely fact based and you can unearth some interesting information.

2 thoughts on “Rainy day on 5th Avenue

  1. I have only visited New York once, but I have a BIL, SIL (she’s halfItalian), a nephew and 2 nieces that live in Brooklyn. They’re always posting photos on FB from all over New York. While reading ‘A Separate Heaven’, I found myself wondering if my family knew of the places being mentioned. I know my SIL will love to read the books, especially given the settings.


    1. Hi Amy! Thank you! I had to try to incorporate what would have been popular for someone of Dominic’s age so I reviewed restaurants there that were famous in the fifties through the eighties for the first four books. Same way with the music. That one was easy! I would love to be able to spend time in New York and in Italy. In the meantime, it’s fun to live vicariously.


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