A Rainy Wednesday – A Good Wednesday

This morning brought rain and a "good" thunderstorm. Good meaning not life or property threatening. I think my love of rain goes back to my grandparents farm and memories of sitting on a rickety wooden porch and watching the rain to falling asleep under the weight of several quilts and hearing the sound of rain on the tin roof. People write about that but I was lucky enough to experience it.

Today’s host for the virtual book tour is Lori’s Reading Corner. You can check out her site at lorisreadingcorner.com. During this tour there are some games/contests and two Amazon gift cards up for grab. So join the fun!

Today’s question is from Moira who lives in PA. Moira asks if I have a favorite author.

Like most writers and readers, I have several. Among them are Karen Blixen (Isak Dinsen – Out of Africa) and Marguerite Duras. They both have written memoirs. Wonderful memoirs that read like a novel but you have the privilege, as a reader, of experiencing their real life events.

I try to use photos in my posts. Since it is rainy and slightly stormy where I am, how about a picture of lightning? I would call this Dancing Lightning. Good day!

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