A New Beginning at the End of the Year

Hi Everyone. Alex Disanti here. Today is December 6th and I hope it finds each of you enjoying the Christmas Holiday season. Between writing, editing, working on marketing and promotions for the series, and trying to keep up with FB, Twitter, etc. I fear my website has been terribly neglected. SO_OOO, as of today I have sworn to myself that I will post every day for the next thirty days. Perhaps it will have become a habit by then!

I have a bit of a hard time with posting on FB (don’t really know why, it seems to be so easy for others!). It occurred to me that if I blog on my website daily and treat it as a journal, if you will, then perhaps I can hit some interesting notes for readers. I hope so! And since it is my blog, my website, perhaps I will feel free to “share” more so than I do on FB.

So I will be making daily notes regarding writing and the characters of A Separate Heaven. Feel free to comment and ask questions, please!

A long term project currently in development is getting the series, A Separate Heaven, printed in English and Spanish. A big undertaking. The biggest being finding an expert translator because translating a book in a different language means more than simply interpreting the script word for word. The feelings and emotions of the characters must be conveyed to the reader in the second language and come across as well as it did in the original script. The search is on!

More tomorrow! Thank you.

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