Wednesday, December 7th

It’s a good thing the day doesn’t officially end until midnight! I’m going to do a Q&A video or FB live soon but I thought I would answer a few of the most often asked:

1) How did you select the names for your characters and are they named for anyone you know?

I simply like the names Dominic and Paige. Gianelli I selected from a long list of Italian names. All characters are fictitious as are their names.

2) Have you ever been to Italy?

Not yet! But it is first on my list.

3) Why the big age difference in Dominic in Paige?

That’s how I imagined it…how the characters and the story unfolded in my mind. When A Separate Heaven was first "conceived" I wasn’t trying to write. None of the story is based on real life experiences but it is SO much fun to write, even the parts that aren’t happy. I think most writers of fiction will tell you their characters are very real to them. After all, they live in your mind so they are constantly with you.

4) How long does the series last?

Right now, the seven books span twenty five years in the lives of the two families.

5) When is your favorite time to write?

Anytime I can. Like everyone else I have a family and I often help with care and transportation of some members. Sometimes my to do list is created for me rather than by me.

Back to work on Book Five! Good night! More tomorrow. I will leave you with a Texas Starry Night.

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